Email Marketing

Woosper has redefined the platform for email marketing services to stay in touch with the existing clients and build pleasant relations with the fresh clients. Email marketing is an online marketing tool that uses electronic mails as means of commercial communication commercial or corporate messages. It is a reliable and a rewarding method for generating leads and plays a vital role in most of the marketing campaigns due to its moderately inexpensive cost and latent to reach millions of customers.

Woosper’s newsletters and email marketing campaigns provide the premium and the easiest method of handling online and offline publications and delivering the newsletters and mailing of any type (whether personal, promotional or seasonal). Our proficiency has designed a system that eliminates the hassles associated with the email publications, newsletter campaigns and delivering strategy.

We offer email marketing strategies with an added advantages of:

  • Optimize the email click through rates

  • Personalized customer relations

  • Understand comprehensive activities of leads

  • Ask & track feedback with surveys

  • Send all types of email communication

  • Improve sales and revenue & generate leads

  • Build additional revenue streams

  • Generate unlimited number of subscribers & build trust

  • Track results

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